Online/ in-person therapy and coaching


I have dedicated my practise to working with emotionally sensitive, intense and gifted individuals on the life themes of: emotional regulation, owning your intensity, sensitivity, living authentically, and releasing your suppressed creative potential. The process you will experience is synthesised from well-researched psychotherapeutic models.




Life-long negative patterns that seem to occur again and again in your life require a healing process that can create deep and lasting change, because it looks beneath the surface and addresses your core emotional roots that cause the surface problems. 

Bringing together scientific research and clinical knowledge,  you will be offered a potent integrative approach that is designed specifically to work with issues related to all kinds of intensity (Emotional, Intellectual, Physical). 

Unlike some other form of therapies that can sometimes seem elusive and magical, this process can be made explicit and understandable. Sharing concepts and knowledge with you is a core part of our journey, as my goal is not to keep you in therapy forever. Ultimately, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and capacity so that you can take charge of your own growth.

For a more detailed explanation of what you may achieve through the process, please refer to the Healing Roadmap. 




To start, we come to understand what troubles you and stops you from being your best self. We identify some of your old survival strategies, behavioural or thinking patterns that don't serve you. Often we find that certain themes are associated with a cluster of recognisable behaviours (e.g. overeating/ 'lashing out') and beliefs (e.g. ' People will leave me when they see the real me'). 

If you have been through therapy or counselling before you may have come across them as 'Defences', 'Negative Automatic Thoughts', 'Life Traps', 'Maladaptive Schema', 'Inner critic', 'Negative self-talks' and etc. To keep things simple, we call them 'Blockages'. And since they take a wide variety of forms based on who you are and your personal history, I will work with you to design and priorities your goals in the program.  

During this phase, we will work together to understand more about the parts of you that you don't like or want, and you may begin to feel your inner tension and conflict softening.



Once we have identified your blockages, I will work with you on learning how to manage and, in some cases, transform these challenging parts. I will demonstrate to you how this can be achieved. However, lasting changes require not only an intellectual understanding, but also authentic visceral experience. Therefore, we may access some of your core wounds through experiential processes such as visual imagery or certain homework assignments.  This step is potentially life- changing, but can also be the most challenging. I will make sure that you have full control over the process and is free to go at a pace that feels safe for you. 



One of our biggest goal is to activate and expand your capacity to self- regulate. Through a mixture of psycho- education and relational experience, you will be equipped with the skills and capacities to take care of yourself in three areas: Practical, Emotional, Interpersonal. By fully internalising and integrating these new capacities, you will be able to manage your own emotions, behaviours and relationships in the long run.

- Practical: E.g. Self- soothing, Self- care, Life structuring

- Emotional: E.g. Learning about and befriending different emotions, Riding emotional storms and Managing certain behaviours

- Interpersonal: E.g. Living Authentically, Staying true to your own values, Communicating your needs assertively

- Spiritual: E.g. Learning to trust life, Tapping into your creative resource, Finding your place in the world



It is important that you can find a place in the world where you are not just tolerated, but celebrated. Remember, you are highly, but not overly intense and sensitive. By this time, I would have known you well enough to work with you to find out your strengths based on your personality and unique personal story. We can work towards maximising your potential through getting in touch with your gifts.

As you step into embracing your unique qualities, you can learn to trust your unique ways of relating to the world, and be able to connect to what you have to offer. Themes such as authentic existence, meaning of life, and purpose of being come to the foreground of awareness, as you embark on the true journey towards self- actualisation.

 *Though presented sequentially, this is not a linear process. We may go back and forth between phases and everyone goes at a different pace. 


Our goals


1. Knowing your personal history and patterns well enough that when you fall back to old survival strategies or mind traps, you can wake up in reactivity and not let it run the show.

2. Knowing your emotions well enough that when it comes up you can recognise it, name it, and know what to do with it.

3. Being able to stay connected with others whilst being true to yourself.

4. Being empathic with others without losing your personal boundaries.

5. Knowing your unique strengths and gifts in order to live a fuller life.