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Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.
— Rilke



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A recent survey reveals that one in five people in Britain have consulted a personal therapist . If you have noticed a pattern or certain issues that repeatedly come up in your life, waiting may exacerbate the problems and make them harder to untangle and resolve. Eggshell Therapy's sessions are there to provide you with a space of your own, an opportunity to revitalize your life, redefine life goals, or overcome a sense of being stuck. 

I would like to support you as much as possible in this process. Prior to your booking the first session, we can have a 10-minute free-of-charge phone conversation when you can ask questions or clarify the nature of your difficulties. This gives you a chance to ask any questions that you may have about me or therapy in general.



This is an opportunity for us to decide if we are suited to working together. If you are confused about the nature of your difficulties or are seeking a diagnosis, I will be able to provide a formal assessment. If you decide that this is not right for you, there is no pressure for you to pursue the process further.



I work internationally with clients from all around the world. Without the restrictions of geographical location, you can receive support from the comfort of your own home. Some clients also find that Skype session makes them feel more relaxed, which allows them to open up more easily. 



Each session is £120, for 50 minutes. The payment process is simple and efficient.  With a credit or debit card, you can secure or pay off your session with an easy process via paypal. 



THE library!

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As a client, you will also gain access to the library/ meditation room/ tea room :). Located within a secluded garden area, it is a fully insulated room one-minute away from the main practice. With a warm and intimate atmosphere, the space is especially designed for solitude, relaxation, and reflection.


Inside this space you can enjoy hot beverages of your choice, browse a wide-array of books on topics from psychology to creativity, or enjoy a short sound-meditation with our special sound device. There is even a graphic novels and picture books section! 

Many people like to spend some time in the den prior to their sessions, as a way of winding down from the journey, and preparing the mind for a deeply personal and unique healing experience. 




Eggshell Therapy has a permanent base in Southwest London.  It is based in a residential area, and on the main road so it is easily accessible.  By public transport, it is a 10-minute walk from Colliers Wood tube station on the Northern line.