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Specifics about our Online Assessment Service:

The test is not to be understood to constitute any type of diagnosis or healthcare recommendation. Due to it being online and one- directional, we cannot be held responsible for the psychological impact it may have caused. If the above content may have ‘stirred up’ memories and emotions for you; this is normal and should pass within a few days. However, if these feelings persist there are local sources of support and comfort that may already be familiar to you.

  • The most immediate sources of comfort and help are likely to be your own family and friends.
  • Your GP will be able to advise you and will certainly have access to contacts in your local area 
  • Other useful contacts include walk-in NHS clinics (to locate the nearest to you: search on the Internet at and type ‘walk-in’ into search engine. 
  • The Samaritans (tel. 08457 909090; The Samaritans is a helpline which is open 24 hours a day for anyone in need.