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This Psychopathology training is for Counsellors, Psychotherapists & Coaches who wish to practice psychotherapy responsibly, and with respect for the diversity of individuals who may present for treatment. This inspiring course will heighten your awareness of the mental health community and your role within it.

You can complete this course as Continuing Professional Development, and as a module of our Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy.

Course Content

  • Madness, Meanings and Maps - A History of Mental Health Perception.
  • Reality, Normality and Individuality - when and how does difference become difficulty?
  • Overview of various mental illnesses - mild, moderate to serious and chronic, including both psychosis and non-psychosis clusters.
  • Basic elements of psychopharmacology - drugs commonly used in treatment.
  • Knowledge of the NHS Psychiatric practice - Care Programme Approach, Clustering and the emergence of IAPT.
  • Risk assessment and management: being aware of issues such as self – harm and suicidal ideation.
  • One day on knowledge and practise in working with Personality Disorders.


Thursday 10th November 2016  (online 3 evenings plus one weekend in London)

Thursday 17th November 2016  

Thursday 24th November 2016  

Saturday 26th November 2016 

Sunday 27th November 2016  


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This training is for Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, NLP Practitioners and Trainees in these fields. It will provide you with a range of theories about human behaviour and what shapes it. You will evaluate these and consider their implications for how we work with people.

You can complete this course as Continuing Professional Development, and as a module of our Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy.


Course Aims

  • Gain a knowledge and understanding of the various theories of Human Development and Sexuality and how they may inform your psychotherapeutic practice for better results.

Course Content

  • Be able to respectfully and relevantly model your client’s development and, where in line with the client’s outcome frame, design interventions to help the client develop more awareness and autonomy in their continuing process of growth.
  • Be able to more confidently engage in issues of sex and sexuality as they arise in clinical practice, addressing aspects such as identity, language, inclusion, belonging, internalized prejudice and ontological security from Development and Social Influence perspectives.
  • Gain an awareness of when a client may have experienced an arrest or dysfunction in any particular aspect of human development, and be able to support them in both remedial and generative change in this area, and with greatest positive impact on the wider ecology of their outcome work.

Dates: (Online plus 2 days in London)


Monday 9th May 2016  

Monday 16th May 2016  

Monday 23rd May 2016  

Saturday 4th June 2016 

Sunday 5th June 2016


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Working Compassionately with Personality Disorder


Facilitator Imi Lo

This two day training is one of BeeLeaf’s highly acclaimed series of events that address the major challenges for today’s psychotherapist. Our warm community of Contemporary Psychotherapists welcome colleagues from diverse approaches and experience to a mutually enriching group experience.

This training provides you with 12 hours of CPD from a UKCP Accredited Training Provider and Organisational Member.


What will you gain from attending?

  • Knowledge and deeper understanding of people, personality and “disorder”
  • Empathy for a client’s experience of personality disorder
  • Appreciation of the impact on partners, family and others
  • Practical guidance on helpful/ unhelpful, effective/ ineffective ways of working with people across these spectra
  • A space for you to reflect on your own feelings towards working with personality disorder
  • Ways of addressing the essential self-care of a professional working with these challenges


Apply via Beeleaf Institute (UKCP)


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