Charlotte's Story




Charlotte is a 21 year-old art student, she had felt different all her life...


Is your past holding you back form true intimacy? 

Have you ever wondered why you attracted a certain type of people into your life?

Or, why do you keep coming across the same type of problems with authority figures or romantic partners?

Why do you seem to behave or react in ways that seem irrational?

The psychology concept of transference may help us understand these relationship phenomena.




If I were to sum up my message in one sentence, it would be this: There is nothing wrong with you. Not only that, you are an extraordinary, unusually sensitive and courageous soul. 

Personal Sharing: How I was robbed and bounced back from it!

Something difficult has happened to me, and I would like to share my experience with you. People do not 'get back to normal' after a loss. Grief doesn't move us towards a new solution, but rather, a transformation. A crisis like this can set us free by revealing the truth about life- that it is unpredictable and sometimes precarious. We are forced to break through the illusion that we can control life, and to face the raw reality of how little power we have. If we can face and accept this, we can access the deep peace that is within us.