Emotional Pattern Questionnaire

This is a confidential questionnaire that may provide us with some insights of what is blocking you from reaching your life goals.

The questionnaire is based on well-researched psychological theories . The results aim to find out the limiting beliefs or patterns that hold you back from becoming the best version of you, and from living your life fully. The test is not by itself a tool for diagnosing any mental health condition.

If you are not sure, simply base your answer on how you FEEL, not what ‘should be true’. The wording of the statements may not perfectly matches what you think. Choose the best answer possible.

Unlike most online psychological quizzes, this assessment is not based on a computer-generated score. You will be asked specifically designed questions about your beliefs and preferences; then I review your answers and get a sense of what your specific challenges are.

Before you start, please be sure to read the Privacy Policy and make sure that you agree to the terms and conditions.