Surviving Adversity With The Power Of Now – With Corrie Lo

I have found this conversation with Corrie Lo to be tremendously beautiful and vulnerable. Corrie’s strong spirit is revealed in every line she uttered, yet you cannot help but feel moved by her vulnerability. She reminds us of the internet fragility in human life and our place in it.

Release Our Family, Free Our Souls- What Forgiving Them Really Means

By covering up our anger, prematurely moving into fake forgiveness, drowning our truths to protect others, letting go of our boundaries for surface harmony, we are bypassing an essential step in our attainment of emotional freedom. 

But how do we come to terms with our wounds? How could we, despite being deeply injured, move past and beyond our history? 

On Our Fear of love

It may seem paradoxical at first glance, but the answer to healing from defensive non-attachment is actually to affirm our ultimate autonomy and resilience. 

We push away good things in life because deep down, we worry that we would not survive losses and heartbreaks. 

If we know we are strong enough to go through grieve, disappointment and heartbreaks, then placing our trust in someone’s hand would become much less threatening.