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Dear ones,

Without you, this work would not exist. You are an inspiration and an essential part of our collective quest to challenge the way society thinks about sensitivity, empathy, being different and being creative.

Many of us have experience of being changed profoundly by books, spoken words, great art and role models.

Our journeys could be lonely, but even if we have felt alienated all our lives, we could seek solace in a ‘community of loners’. Rather than being overwhelmed, oppressed and isolated by our intensity, we could use it to create meaning, to find our tribe, and ultimately, own our place in the world.

Please join the “People Like Me and You” project! It is an ‘anthology’ of what inspires, touches or have changed the lives of emotionally sensitive, intense, and gifted people. Your story will be extremely valuable in helping us find and support each other.

To contribute, you can tell us who you are, or choose to be anonymous. All questions are optional, and you can put as much or as little as you wish. You can also change your mind at any time.

By taking a few minutes to fill in this form, you are doing something profoundly meaningful, and contributing to a community of kindred spirits who, like you, are searching for belongingness.

I thank you deeply for contributing.




If on this day you feel particularly lonely and deprived of connections, I would like to tell you

That your *true home* is not your biological family, the small town you were born in, or the big city you live in.

No matter where you are, it lies beyond the physical, the biological, or anything we can see.

Perhaps you have never felt ‘at home’ at home.

If you were drawn to the arts from a young age, it may be because you have always yearned to connect with artists, writers, and musicians from across time and space.

Or perhaps you have always felt misplaced in the human world and had sought connections with the wildlife and animals.

Even you were not thinking about it in that way, your soul has always been in search of your true home.

It is not a particular person or group or place, but the ‘moments of meetings’ when you intellectually, emotionally, spiritually connect.

It is when your soul aligns with a piece of writing, art, or music, and you are inspired, transformed, elevated.

It is when you download materials from the Universe.

It is when you express yourself freely and unapologetically.

Although not being able to connect with those in your immediate surroundings makes you feel alone, like a Martian on Earth, it is also this temporary homesickness that propels you to be creative and expand your awareness.

When you step into your true home – a psycho-spiritual space that cannot be seen or calculated or defined, you will experience ecstasy and peace so profound that you will not miss it.

You will never be homeless, exiled, or betrayed, if you can find your true home from within, or from the right places.

Welcome Home.”

“Our humanity is bound up in one another, and any tear in the fabric of connection between us must be repaired for us all to be made whole. This interconnectedness is the very root of who we are.

— Desmond Tutu