reviews and kind words

Meeting Imi and having her support has been life changing for me. There were some things that I thought would always stay with me, but it’s different now. Imi doesn’t try to fix you, she listens to what you really mean. She was herself all the way and not a persona and you can feel that she really believes in you finding the answers yourself. She engaged with me in a very real way and that was what I needed. ”
— Aiysha, London, 2016, UK.

“It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Imi during the past years. Her tact and compassion combined with her strong sense of self under varied situations gave me and others invaluable teachings.”
— Robert Dellner, 2012, London UK
“I am an empath myself and I do struggle daily with wanting to be out in the world but sometimes it is just too much and I feel safer at home in my space. Before I embraced my gift I used to be more of an extrovert but I believe that is because I didn’t understand my gift and a disassociated a lot from my life and my issues that I believed kept me from fitting in. I use my gift with my clients and it is has been great being able to help more empaths understand who they are and what they have to offer. I too continue to work on being stronger vs feeling weaker because of my gift and your article helped. Thank you so very much. ”

— Sheri, LPC

“In 2015 I had finished my NHS course of DBT and then was summarily dumped by the health service. I felt like a mourner attending my own wake – because even though I’d survived, the sum of my life had been a kind of living death and now I was left in the ruins observing what was lost. I felt there was still work I needed to do to achieve my goals, and realise my dreams. Sadly the NHS doesn’t cater for such niche demands, and so I started seeing Imi at Eggshell. Choosing a therapist is hard. Its not like choosing a accountant, solicitor or even doctor. It is all about the collaborative relationship and so one has to choose wisely. I’m so thankful I chose Imi, not only does she bring a professional and knowledgeable approach to her work, she is also a warm and empathetic person. Progress followed quickly. Perhaps for me, it only required, that firm conviction from another human being that this would all be worth it. Imi helped me with some of the most gruelling aspects of BPD which is emotional and behavioural instability via mentalisation based therapy. We also practised Art Therapy, EMDR, and Gestalt Therapy. Imi tailors the the package to fit the client, but besides this she is caring and compassionate person, who listened. This year I’m getting married, my fiancé has moved in with me, and I’m looking to start my own business. So if last year was my funeral, this is not only my wedding, but regeneration! Life is hard, and being a survivor of childhood trauma, makes you see life differently. But its possible to know what you know, and still find a way to live, and be happy. I’m grateful Eggshell therapy was able to help me reach that level of inner peace, and be proud of the person I am today.”

— Kevin. C., 2016, UK

“You have shown me so many things, I feel much better at coping.I feel stronger and believe more in myself. Before, I always assumed I was wrong. Slowly my story starts to make sense.


“You have really helped in a time when nobody seemed to love me. I had to love myself first, and you showed me how. Thank you very much. I feel now I am not on the floor anymore, I am standing, and need to start walking.In any case, meeting Eggshell Therapy was the best thing that has ever happened to me. ”

— P , 2016, UK


“ Imi is a brave pioneer in the world of psychology, she has dared to specialize in a field that has been largely unexplored and perhaps underestimated: the field of highly sensitive and empathic persons. Her expertise also extends to the psychology of Asian culture: she dares to dig deep into the harmful stereotype of the Model Minority and how the pressure to be a “Crazy Rich Asian” harms young people, especially those who grow up in Westen cultures, are first generation immigrants, artistic unique, vocational/technical and not conforming to academic standards of being Asian, who might not fit well into a collective culture and are caught between cultures. Few psychologists have been able to pinpoint the unique dilemmas of Asians and she has been sensitive in her critical assessment, encouraging clients to embrace the ambivalence and paradox, to surrender to a higher power and not try to control everything. What I admire about Imi is her focus on understanding oneself: rather than nosediving into the prescription of antidepressants or correcting inherent flaws to make one less sensitive she encourages empathic and intense individuals to be aware of their unique temperament, to embrace this uniqueness and accept strengths and limitations, so that they are able to be alive in the world and share their gifts, rather than hiding and hoarding away their talents. This emphasis on healing through knowledge and embracing one’s individuality, rather than medicating or correcting, is what distinguishes Imi Lo as a profoundly radical and effective healer. I wish I lived near London so I could talk to her but I have read her book and website and I have found these tools to be extremely effective: I am healing and thriving. Thank you Imi!”
— Leonora Obed of Ewing, New Jersey USA


“Imi has an incredible wealth of knowledge and talent in her subject areas & she shared it with us in a totally accessible way that felt inclusive & respectful at all times.Her humility compassion & warmth blended with her expertise & professionalism throughout. It was a thoroughly enjoyable & informative learning experience…’”
— Lesley C., 2014, London


“‘Imi is an insightful therapist who gracefully balances her love of helping people with her belief in a client’s resourcefulness. Her skillfulness in listening and questioning creates a positive supportive relationship between herself and her clients, which assists clients in discivering a good relationship with themselves. I would highly recommend working with Imi, and have found her to be professional, warm and welcoming. ‘”
— Rebecca C., 2012, Cambridge, UK


“Insightful, brilliantly delivered, flowing with compassion and understanding, giving us time to digest this complex area of therapy. Thank you so much Imi. ”
— Ed L., 2015, London UK

Thank you for your kind words.

I could not have done this work without your courage and trust.